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Save time by automating sales with Slack

Speed up the sales cycle and focus on customers by automating sales admin with Slack

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Time kills all deals. In today’s market, efficiency is the name of the game for sales teams to be successful. Companies are looking for turnkey ways to save money while maintaining a high level of productivity. This is where automations can help.

We’ve heard reps say they spend a good chunk of their day on administrative tasks, reducing the hours they need to spend prospecting, supporting customers and selling. With Slack, reps and teams can easily automate low-level tasks so they can focus on work that drives their business forward. Hear from thought leaders about how they are using automations at scale by working from one digital HQ—Slack.

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SlackSolutions EngineerAmélie Byam
SlackRegional Sales DirectorJamie Widder
SlackAccount ExecutiveCarly Morrison
Procore Technologies, IncStrategic Solutions EngineerMike Wood
Procore Technologies, IncDirector, Sales AccelerationMorgan Traynor