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PagerDuty and Slack: your dream team for incident response

Learn more about taking incident response to the next level during our free virtual Slack Frontiers conference October 7-9

작성자: Lauren Johnson2020년 9월 22일

In the wake of Covid-19, websites and apps have become the new storefront. From online shopping and telehealth appointments to working remotely full-time, more and more people depend on digital services to run smoothly.

But as every company with a digital footprint knows, incidents with online platforms and websites are inevitable. That’s where PagerDuty, the platform for real-time digital operations and solving digital incidents, steps up to the plate.

“The PagerDuty platform was designed to optimize customer resolution times during normal steady-state operations or large-scale issues like this pandemic,” says Mya King, a product manager at PagerDuty. “It connects people and teams wherever they are, in real time.”

PagerDuty serves more than 12,000 global companies in various industries, from fashion to finance. And with the PagerDuty Slack integration, companies can seamlessly manage and track situations before they can escalate, while using Slack to make sure all the right stakeholders are connected.

“With proactive notifications and status dashboards, PagerDuty helps bridge communication gaps often found among dispersed teams,” says King.

“You can manage incidents from your desktop, mobile or Slack UI and quickly take action during critical moments.”

PagerDutyProduct managerMya King


Stopping incidents in their tracks with PagerDuty and Slack

The PagerDuty Slack integration makes it easy for teammates to collaborate with one another to view, acknowledge and resolve incidents without ever leaving the Slack workspace. Setup and authentication are easy, allowing users to quickly integrate PagerDuty and Slack in their incident resolution workflows.

“You can create conference bridges, run response plays, reassign or escalate an incident, all from Slack,” says Andrew Marshall, director of product marketing at PagerDuty. “Ultimately, you can proactively prevent issues and be precise with your responses, keeping customer-facing systems operating at peak performance.”

“When you pair PagerDuty with Slack, teams are prepared with the right information and critical context necessary for incident response management.”

PagerDutyDirector of product marketingAndrew Marshall

PagerDuty and Slack users can also take advantage of automating routine workflows and processes via Workflow Builder, no coding required. Workflow Builder offers steps from Slack apps such as PagerDuty, so anyone can build custom workflows that include actions from their external tools.

Learn more about PagerDuty and Slack during Slack Frontiers 2020

We’re excited to announce that Mya King and Andrew Marshall will be speakers at Slack Frontiers, our biggest annual conference dedicated to distributed teams, new ways of working and everything “digital transformation.” Join virtually from October 7 to 9 for inspiring keynotes, breakout sessions, peer networking, and one-on-one access to Slack experts—free of charge.

Frontiers is a global event, with the same agenda schedule running across three time zones, so you can attend sessions when it’s most convenient for you. Also:

  • Don’t miss Mya King when she shares her strategies for making the most of Workflow Builder and PagerDuty during the breakout session “Unlock the power of Workflow Builder with steps from Slack apps.”
  • Join Andrew Marshall for the breakout session “Resolve incidents faster with Slack” as he discusses how connecting your tools to Slack helps your company detect incidents and reduce mean time to resolution.
  • Hear from Jennifer Tejada, the CEO of PagerDuty, talk about her experience transforming company culture and the entire employee work experience in the midst of incredible change. In the breakout session “Leading through change: Insights from CEOs,” Tejada will be speaking alongside CEOs from Box, Slack and Zoom.

Register for free today.

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