Permissions in a Slack workspace

Every member of a workspace has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access. Use the tables below to explore specific permissions for each role type.


✓ Available by default
✦ Only available if a workspace owner changes the default setting
✷ Only available to the workspace primary owner

Messages and files

  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Join any public channel    
Send messages in a channel
Upload files
Delete your own messages  ✷  ✷

Channel management

  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Create a public channel*  ✓    
Manage shared channels**  ✓     
Set permissions for managing shared channels**  ✓       
Archive a channel    
Create a private channel*  
Make a public channel private      
Rename a channel***      
Delete a channel      
Set channel retention        
Set private channel retention  ✓     
Set posting permissions
(See restrictions)
 ✓ ✓   ✓ ✓ 
Create a channel email address  ✓ ✓     

*Workspace owners can restrict permissions for creating channels.

**Available for paid subscriptions.

***A channel creator can also rename the channel.


  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Make @channel and @here announcements   ✓
Make @everyone announcements   ✓    
Be added to user groups   ✓  ✓     
Create user groups  ✓     
@mention user groups  ✓     
Set reminders for channels or members  ✓     

Workspace management

  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Remove people from channels    
Remove people from private channels    
Invite guests to a public channel  ✓      
Invite a multi-channel guest to a private channel  ✓   ✓  ✓ ✓   
Invite a single-channel guest to a private channel  ✓   ✓      
Delete other people’s messages  ✓      
Invite new members  ✓    
Invite new guest members  ✓      
Deactivate a member’s account  ✓      
Promote to workspace admin*  ✓      
Demote to workspace admin*        
Promote to workspace owner*        
Demote to workspace owner*        

*The person won't be notified of the role change unless they're part of a default user group for @admins and/or @owners.

Workspace settings

  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Set default channels      
Manage posting permissions (Plus subscription and above) ✓     
Set discovery and sign-up        
Set name display guidelines        
Set workspace language      
Change workspace name/URL        
Reset all members’ passwords        
Create and edit user groups ✷     


  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
View analytics and usage    
Change full & display names**      
Change an email address**  ✓   ✓       
Upgrade to a paid subscription  ✓  ✓     
Change your workspace’s subscription***        
Add a payment method***  ✓        
View billing statements        
Choose authentication method  ✓       
Use Standard Export  ✓      
Use Corporate Export
(if eligible)
Transfer primary ownership        
Delete workspace        

**Available for paid subscriptions.
***Only workspace owners and the person who upgraded the workspace can make changes.

Apps & integrations

  Owner Admin Member Multi-channel Single-channel
Turn on approved apps        
Add apps and integrations    
Use slash commands and message shortcuts ✓  ✓  ✓   

Note: These permissions don't apply to bots. More information on bot users can be found on Slack API. 🤖