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Managing Slack at scale: deploy apps efficiently across Enterprise Grid

Give thousands of employees instant access to the apps they need

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Slack admins have always had the power to unlock new, more productive ways of working within their organization. A big part of that: encouraging the use of apps for Slack, which make it easy for teams to access key information in channels and push updates back to those very same tools. In fact, 95% of Slack app users say that using apps makes the underlying software more valuable.

For our biggest customers, including Amazon and Oracle, this happens inside Enterprise Grid, which supports tens-to-hundreds of thousands of users collaborating in hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of workspaces. Administering all that is no small feat. Thankfully, we’ve introduced org-wide app deployment to make this process easier and more efficient.

Admin Apps dashboard

Enterprise Grid admins can now install apps that support this new deployment model across multiple workspaces at once, giving all employees instant access to the apps they need most. Admins also have the option to automatically deploy the app on all future workspaces, making sure a default set of apps is available in Slack for everyone.

“Slack has continued to demonstrate a commitment in building for enterprise needs and bringing customers into the product development process. We’re excited by their ongoing stream of improvements to help admins manage Slack at scale, especially in complex areas like app governance.”

NikeSenior web architectRavi Sathyanarayana

Not sure where to begin? Roll out any of the dozen apps below to help your entire organization get more done, in less time, all from Slack.

Put everyday tools at your team’s fingertips

When you give access to productivity tools across your organization, your teams can save time on repetitive tasks by getting work done right from Slack. Every small improvement adds up to a whole lot more time for your team to focus on meaningful work.

Share and preview files in Slack with Box or OneDrive

Share and preview files with Box or OneDrive

No matter what team or role you’re in, sharing files is how you give context, solicit feedback, and move projects forward. Plus, once you share a Box or OneDrive file, it’s automatically indexed and can be searched for in Slack. These apps will also prompt you to update any file’s permissions if the people in your conversation don’t have access, saving you the effort of changing settings in other apps.

Spin up a call in-channel with Cisco Webex or BlueJeans

Sometimes it’s quicker to jump from a Slack conversation to a face-to-face call, to both cut down on typing and clear up confusion through additional cues like tone and body language. Deploying Cisco Webex Meetings or BlueJeans org-wide means anyone in your organization can instantly spin up a call, from any of your workspaces.

Crowdsource feedback with Simple Poll or Polly

Running a quick poll is a transparent, inclusive way to gauge interest and make team decisions on anything from selecting a meeting date to choosing a new image for the website. Apps like Simple Poll and Polly let you kick off polls and surveys where your team is already working, increasing participation.

Move projects forward with Workast

Decisions move faster in Slack, where team members can passively follow or actively contribute to discussions. With Workast, you can create action items, assign tasks and set a due date with a command in Slack, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Keep your business running smoothly behind the scenes

As employees race toward deadlines, their team’s administrative tasks are often on the backlog. These apps help everyone save time on those tasks by making it easy to take care of them right in Slack.

1Password app for Slack

Increase password management adoption with 1Password

Employees are more likely to adopt company security policies when the process is easy and convenient. By deploying the 1Password Slack app across your organization, you can speed up adoption of password management, helping your team build good security habits and protect your organization’s data.

Your IT team can also set up custom Slack notifications for key events, such as when a new team member joins or someone signs in on a new device.

Monitor incoming visitors and packages with Envoy

As some companies plan to head back into the office, it’s more important than ever to keep track of who and what is coming into your buildings. With the Envoy app, employees will receive a direct message in Slack when a visitor arrives to see them or when a package gets delivered—sparing your reception team from sending time-consuming manual alerts.

Simplify cross-functional collaboration

Many critical tools, like a CRM, are available only to users with licenses. Using their apps for Slack, however, important details can be shared between those siloed tools and channels, where cross-functional teams can quickly align around shared context and move work forward together.

The Salesforce app for Slack

Speed up deal cycles with Salesforce

Using the Salesforce app for Slack, cross-functional teams can stay up to date on their Salesforce records within Slack, allowing them to respond faster to new opportunities and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues across the organization. Teams can also receive custom notifications in Slack, like when an opportunity moves to a new stage, so the whole team can quickly mobilize around closing the deal.

Send and sign agreements faster with DocuSign

With the DocuSign eSignature integration, your teams can send and sign documents directly where their work happens—no switching apps, no time wasted, no productivity lost. They’ll have access to a library of templates for common processes like onboarding, sales contracts and company policies, as well as custom agreements. They’ll also get real-time Slack notifications when agreements are signed and can send reminders to encourage others.

Share developer know-how with Stack Overflow

Developers work across teams, but every company typically has a consistent process for reviewing code, shipping products, resolving bugs, and more.

When you integrate Slack with Stack Overflow for Teams, users can search for answers directly from a Slack channel and view all of their team’s questions and answers without leaving Slack. Plus, real-time notifications get pushed into Slack whenever someone asks a new question, posts an answer, or mentions you in Stack Overflow.

Reduce admin workload and deliver value to users faster

Put simply, features like org-wide app deployment reduce the time required of admins to provision software. With new apps, new dashboards, and new rules in place, adding the tools your teams rely on—no matter how large your organization—is now easier than ever. Bookmark this dedicated page in our app directory to keep up with the latest apps supporting this update.

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