Employee onboarding, the Slack way

A six-stage approach to help HR teams make onboarding more welcoming by promoting your company culture

Welcome aboard!

You can tell a lot—some say everything— about a company by the way it welcomes new employees.

Onboarding isn’t just a demonstration of your company culture; it’s one of the critical employee engagements that defines, creates, and promotes that culture.

Get it right, and good things happen:

  • New hires feel better about the company
  • They ramp up to full productivity faster
  • They stay more aligned with company goals
  • They’re more engaged
  • They stay longer

Get it wrong, and the reverse gear kicks in: People feel less engaged, take longer to reach productivity, and leave sooner.

In short, onboarding is a critical HR process and the gateway to the kind of great employee experiences that drive the world’s most successful companies.


  1. The Employee Experience Advantage, Jacob Morgan, Wiley, 2017

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