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Slack for the public sector

The secure collaboration platform for your team, your tools and your mission

Slack is the FedRAMP Moderate–authorized channel-based messaging platform that provides governments and their partners with a secure, centralized digital HQ. Faster, better organized and more secure than email, Slack is used by public-sector teams ranging from U.S. embassy and Department of Defense personnel across the globe to municipal transportation departments.

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Follow along with everything related to individual topics, projects or teams in their dedicated channels.

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Projects end, teams change, and Slack saves everything. Rather than trying to remember, easily find what you’re looking for.

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Keep citizens, vendors or partners in the loop by sharing a channel in Slack. Work moves faster when conversations do too.


Security is essential for many public-sector agencies and their partners. Slack is the secure and compliant platform that federal agencies trust as their digital HQ.

  • Slack provides enterprise-grade security for organizations of all sizes. That requires delivering a best-in-class collaboration experience while meeting our customers’ unique security and compliance needs.
  • Slack’s FedRAMP Moderate authorization confirms that Slack meets and exceeds some of the most broadly recognized security standards and offers solutions to help public-sector teams address compliance requirements.

Granular security features like guest access, retention policies, single sign-on, Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM), audit logs, and integrations with top data loss prevention providers allow governments to tailor Slack and comply with unique government requirements like the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


Stay on the same page and make decisions faster by bringing all your work communications into one place.

  • Channels help public-sector teams stay organized and focused with central spaces for conversations, files, tools and people.
  • Slack Connect enables government employees, contractors, and citizens to work as one team through secure, verified communications in real time from multiple locations. Slack Connect is the General Services Administration’s “preferred method for collaborating.”
  • Online meetings can be held through Slack’s built-in voice and video calls or instantly accessed through your agency’s tool of choice without leaving Slack.


Slack connects all your tools in a single place, making it easier for teams to access them, share information, and deliver on your mission.

  • With more than 2,400 apps in our App Directory, customers can bring their tools into Slack, including productivity essentials like Office 365 and Google Workspace. Integrations with Salesforce allow you to search and review records from within Slack, notify channels when records are updated, and create the operating system for the new way to work.
  • Government and contractor technology teams ship better code in less time by bringing tools, teammates and code together in Slack. Integrations with tools like PagerDuty and Jira allow real-time alerts and establish a single place for code review and testing.
  • Workflow Builder streamlines routine functions through custom, no-code workflows. Agencies use Workflow Builder to automate weekly reporting, document IT tickets, and allow citizens to report issues.

Public agencies and their partners use Slack to get work done:

Read about how teams in the public sector use Slack in their day-to-day operations: 

Slack partnered with Carahsoft to make the procurement process easier and more pleasant for governments.

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