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From Skype to Slack: Turn communication into collaboration

Connect teams, apps and workflows in a single platform

With Skype for Business being retired this summer, now is the perfect time to make the switch to Slack. Enable fast, seamless collaboration to build a more connected and flexible workplace.


Accelerate decision-making

  • Collaborate effectively with channels—create spaces where you and your team can share ideas, make decisions and move work forward.
  • Connect securely with outside organizations to build customer relationships—with Slack Connect, everyone’s a message away.
  • Increase transparency and eliminate knowledge silos with features like channels, search and Slack Connect.

“Slack has been the hammer that has helped us tear down the walls of silos. It has enabled us to position Slack as the operating system of collaboration across 194 countries and 171 offices, pulling us together like nothing else has.”

Jeff Dow, Executive Vice President, Media and Broadcast Operations, Fox


Easily find the information you need

“Someone new who joins the company tomorrow has access to all of the conversations we’ve had since we’ve been using Slack, because it’s sitting there in a channel.”

Brent Chudoba, Former Chief Revenue Officer, SurveyMonkey


Level up your team’s efficiency

  • Workflows in Slack take care of routine and repetitious tasks, so you can get answers, approvals and more with way less effort.
  • Channels bring the right people and information together in one place and make it possible to organize work around a common purpose.
  • No matter how big you grow or how many ways your teams work together, Slack scales with a limitless number of channels or workspaces.

“Our Slack integrations empower developers to deploy from development machines to test environments to production environments in a very short period of time.”

Paul Whyte, Former Head of Systems Engineering, Vodafone UK


Get the most out of Office 365 with Slack

  • Slack integrations reduce context switching between Microsoft Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams.
  • Use Slack to build and accelerate work, and use Office 365 to support administrative tasks.
  • Bring your entire organization’s tech stack into one platform. With more than 2,400 apps available in the Slack App Directory, your team’s top tools are just a click away.

“We've been using Office 365 for quite some time and really felt that we should leverage the best capabilities of each tool and not try to force-fit one tool to solve every problem across the company. We felt like the Slack messaging and channel concept was stronger, and it was already something that we could build on.”

Phil Wiser, Executive Vice President and CTO, ViacomCBS


Slack offers more opportunities for collaboration to happen, not just in video or conference calls.

Chart comparing Microsoft teams, Skype and Slack with Slack

Find the right balance for meetings, emails and collaboration

Last year forced businesses into a hybrid workplace, and collaboration tools became more important than ever before. Here’s a comparison of the impact Teams and Slack have had over the past year:

Microsoft Teams

  • 2.5X

    more time spent in Microsoft Teams meetings

  • 40.6B

    more emails in Feb. ‘21 compared with Feb. ‘20

  • 87%

    increase in the number of people sending small group or one-on-one chats


  • 40%

    fewer meetings

  • 45%

    fewer emails sent and received

  • 96%

    of users say Slack has improved communication

“In one department, more than half of employees said the introduction of Slack has reduced communication barriers between departments and among their own teams.”

Takuya Nakamura, Cloud Solutions Manager, Innovation Department, NTT Docomo, Inc.

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  2. Weighted average. Based on 2,707 survey responses from weekly Slack users in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Canada with a ± 2% margin of error at 95% confidence interval (August 2020).

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