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Mastering the pivot: a new white paper from Deloitte and Slack

How organizations can leverage network analysis to intentionally architect collaboration

Slack チーム一同作成2020年10月6日イラスト: Patrick Leger

In the midst of a global pandemic, an organization’s adaptability—the ability to be nimble and flexible and to pivot as conditions change—has never been more critical. A single person may be able to pivot quickly, but what about an organization of 200,000 people, each with their own collaboration networks and goals?

Employees rely on these networks to get work done. And the organizations that have harnessed and doubled down on those networks, to intentionally boost collaboration, have reported significant increases in interpersonal connectivity in recent months.

The global consultancy Deloitte came together with Slack to explore what this initiative looks like in practice: how organizations can analyze their networks to better understand how they work today and can work better in the future. The findings are the foundation of a new white paper, “Mastering the pivot: Using network analysis to intentionally architect collaboration.”

Inside the paper, you’ll learn:

  1. Organizational adaptability is more important than ever. At many organizations, the Covid-19 pandemic has indirectly led to a decline in informal collaboration—and, in turn, to decreased engagement and performance. Organizations taking a more innovative approach to collaboration, however, are experiencing the opposite.
  2. How to understand and harness the power of collaboration networks. Using network analysis, organizations can unlock previously hidden insights into collaboration, productivity and well-being.
  3. How to create an intentional collaboration strategy, with channel-based messaging at its center.

Organizational charts and graphs are not a proxy for how humans interact and collaborate. Networks hold the key to understanding how work gets done.

We believe that embracing intentional collaboration is vital to adaptability. It can be transformative for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and Slack, the channel-based messaging platform for the enterprise, can help. Give the paper a read, and reach out to learn more.

Download “Mastering the pivot: Using network analysis to intentionally architect collaboration.”











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