Slack updates and changes

See what's new in Slack and what we're gradually rolling out. ✨ 

November 2021

Preferences for connecting to other services from Slack

Choose whether you’re prompted to sign up for or sign in to other services after clicking on links to certain websites or apps in Slack.

Get notified of all thread replies in a channel

To make sure that you never miss a message, turn on notifications for replies to every thread in a channel.

Create folders and keep bookmarks organised

Organise your bookmarks in conversations with folders.

Slack channel header showing folders containing bookmarks and someone adding a new bookmark to a folder

Review monthly channel analytics

Members on paid subscriptions can view monthly data and two new metrics for channels on the analytics dashboard.

Turn off @here and @channel notifications

On the Business+ subscription and above, update a channel's permissions to prevent people from using @here and @channel mentions to notify an entire channel at once.

Use Slack Connect with free teams

A new Slack Connect setting for Enterprise Grid makes working with people outside your company more seamless. When enabled, teams on a free subscription can join channels that they’re invited to without having to upgrade.

Other news

October 2021

Org-level app requests

Enterprise Grid admins can manage app requests when apps that have already been approved or restricted for their org require new scopes.

New file retention options

On paid subscriptions, choose the option to keep all files, including deleted files, forever or just for a specific number of days.

Outline guidelines for using Slack Connect

Enterprise Grid admins can create and give guidelines for members to follow when using Slack Connect to work with people from different companies.

Other news

September 2021

Record video and audio clips

Record clips in Slack to share audio, video or screen recordings in any channel or direct message (DM). Anyone in the conversation can play a clip and respond when they have time, or catch up later by reading a transcript.

Recorded video clip shared in a Slack channel and a camera icon that you can use to record a new clip

Captions and transcripts for videos

While watching videos in Slack, click the  closed caption icon anytime to view captions. To read through what was covered in a transcript, click the  three lines icon.

Updates to our supported operating systems

To focus on delivering the best Slack experience possible, we’ve updated the system requirements for our supported operating systems.

Other news

  • View others’ shared screens in Slack huddles on mobile.
  • Add the Slack notifications update set to ServiceNow to set up alerts in Slack.

August 2021

View pages side by side in Slack with split view

Split view lets you open two different parts of Slack side by side, so you don’t have to move back and forth between them. Press Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) and click on a conversation or page to open it in split view.

New sidebar preferences for paid subscriptions

If you use Slack on the Pro, Business+ or Enterprise Grid subscription, you’ll now see a set of preferences to manage how conversations are displayed and sorted in your entire sidebar. You can still manage conversation display and sorting for individual custom sections. Any preferences that you set for an individual custom section will override the preferences that you set for your entire sidebar.

Ensure that channels stay private for people from other companies

When you add people from other companies to a private channel, the channel will remain private for everyone who joins it. Previously, the person who accepted the invitation had the option to make the channel public for their organisation.

Enhancements to bookmarks

Bookmarks just got better. When you add bookmarks in a channel or direct message, you can now add an emoji to display alongside the bookmark name. You can also rearrange your bookmarks in the conversation header and see who edited a bookmark last.

Set custom date ranges for member metrics

Anyone with permission to use the analytics dashboard on paid subscriptions can now set a custom date range for member metrics. This allows them to view data for a particular period of time within the past 13 months.

Other news

  • Legacy workspace apps, which were part of a 2018 developer preview that we didn’t fully release, have been deprecated. Learn more on Slack API.
  • Owners and admins can now enable domain-wide authentication to grant all members of their workspace or Enterprise Grid org access to the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar app in Slack.
  • When writing messages in Slack, you can now link private channel names, just like public channels. People can only see and click on names of private channels that they’ve joined.
  • Enterprise Grid admins now have two new metrics on their org-level analytics dashboard to measure adoption of Slack calls and huddles.
  • When using markup to format your messages in Slack, you can now create links, ordered lists and bulleted lists.
  • If your request to work in a Slack Connect channel is pending approval, you can instantly start a direct message with the person that you invited while you wait for them to join the channel.

July 2021

Early access to Slack Connect automatic approval settings

A new default setting to help owners automate the routine tasks of approving new Slack Connect channel requests will be available starting on 28th July, with changes going into effect on 31st August. Take a look at the details.

Add descriptions to images in Slack

When you upload an image to Slack, you can now include a description. This description will serve as alt text for members with visual impairments to gather more context about the image.

Schedule messages to send in the future

When you have an important message to share in Slack but it doesn’t need to be sent quite yet, you can schedule it. By choosing a date and time in the future, you’ll know that your message will be delivered, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.


Other news

  • Enterprise Grid admins now have a new set of member metrics on the analytics dashboard to help them to measure adoption of key Slack features.

June 2021

Start a live conversation in any channel or DM with Slack huddles

Slack huddles make it possible to have quick, informal conversations with the people you work with in Slack. Any member of a channel or direct message (DM) can start a huddle to kick off a live, audio-only discussion that anyone in the conversation can join. Once a huddle has started, you can share your screen and turn on live captions.



Slack is available in Russian

Привет! We’ve added Russian to the list of languages we support. To use Slack in Russian, learn how to update your language preference.

Start direct messages with people outside your company – now on all subscriptions

You can now send a Slack Connect direct message (DM) invitation on the free version of Slack, making it easier to work with all of your partners. Invitations could previously only be sent on Slack’s paid subscriptions.

Create legal holds on Enterprise Grid 

In an Enterprise Grid organisation, anyone with the Compliance Admin system role can place a legal hold on specific members to preserve their messages and files in Slack. Message and file data subject to a legal hold can be accessed using the Discovery API.

A simpler way to view conversation details

You can now find all the info that you need about a conversation in one place. Click on the name of a channel or direct message (DM) to see important details, such as members, settings and integrations. Plus, you can add links as bookmarks so that everyone in a conversation can find them easily. Learn more about the changes in our Help Centre.

Other news

May 2021

New ways to manage Slack Connect invitations

Anyone can now revoke invitations to channels that they’ve sent to people from other companies from the Slack Connect page at the top of their sidebars. Members can also view all their sent and received invitations for Slack Connect channels and DMs from this page.

Same subscriptions, new names

The Standard subscription is now called Pro, and the Plus subscription is now called Business+. Don’t worry, all the features and pricing are still the same.

Add your pronouns to your Slack profile

We’ve added a new profile field for people’s pronouns. Owners and admins can now allow members to add their pronouns to their Slack profiles by enabling the pronoun profile field.

Updates to system roles for Enterprise Grid

The org primary owner can now assign IDP groups to system roles in their organisation. In addition, workspace primary owners can assign members to system roles in workspaces that they manage.

Intune mobile app management for Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now set up Microsoft Intune mobile app management without enrolment (MAM-WE), allowing them to add Slack to a set of trusted apps to ensure that sensitive business data stays secure on unmanaged personal mobile devices.

Other news

April 2021

New Slack Connect permission for file uploads on Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins can now choose whether workspace owners and workspace admins can manage file uploads for individual workspaces in their Enterprise Grid organisation.

Stop DM invitations from specific people

If you receive a DM invitation from someone who you don’t want to hear from, you now have the option to prevent future Slack Connect invitations from that person.

Other news

March 2021

Manage incoming emails on Plus and Enterprise Grid

Owners and admins on the Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions now have the ability to disable incoming emails for their workspace or organisation to prevent emails sent to channels, DMs, or Slackbot from being posted to Slack.

Slack is available in Chinese

你好!We’ve added Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese to the list of languages that we support. Learn how to update your language preference in Slack.

Introducing system roles for Enterprise Grid

Org primary owners can grant additional permissions with three new system roles: Channels admin, users admin and roles admin. These roles let members manage aspects of their organisation that previously only owners or admins could oversee. We’ll be adding more roles in the future — stay tuned!

Access Slack Connect in your sidebar

You’ll now see a page at the top of your sidebar where you can send and accept invitations, find Slack Connect resources and more. Below this page, you’ll see a dedicated sidebar section where Slack Connect channels and DMs will appear by default.

Connect with people from other organisations in direct messages

Slack Connect for direct messages (DMs) is now available, allowing you to securely exchange DMs with people outside your company when you’re not sharing channels together. Learn how to send and accept DM invitations in our Help Centre.

A simpler way to filter search results

Find what you’re looking for in Slack more easily with filters built to help you sort through information. Select Messages, channels, files or people along with your query and the in: or from: filter if you’d like to narrow results by the person who sent a message or a custom sidebar section. From your search results, select additional filters (including a helpful range of dates) to locate exactly what you need.

Automatically approve requests to share channels — now on Enterprise Grid

Members with permission to manage Slack Connect can now automatically approve requests to share channels on the Enterprise Grid subscription. Turn on automatic approval for trusted organisations to share channels without additional admin approval from your organisation.

Updates to our supported operating systems

To focus on delivering the best Slack experience possible, we’ve updated the minimum requirements for our supported operating systems. Read more about the minimum requirements for using Slack.

Other news

February 2021

New and improved shortcuts menu for Slack on mobile

The shortcuts menu on our iOS and Android apps will now match what you see on desktop, so you can tap the  lightning bolt icon to open the menu from any conversation. From the menu, you can quickly access common actions (like creating a channel or setting your status), choose a shortcut from the suggested section or search for app shortcuts and slash commands.

Additional membership metrics in the analytics dashboard

You now have access to new membership metrics from the Overview tab of the analytics dashboard. Get a better view of how many people have been SCIM provisioned, invited or signed in to your workspace or org.

New audio and video preferences to improve your Slack calls

You can now manage all of your preferences for Slack calls from one place. Select a default camera, test your speaker and more from the Audio and video section of your preferences.

Easier access to search on the Slack mobile apps

If you update your Slack iOS or Android app to version 21.02.10, you’ll see  Search in the bottom tab bar. Tap the Search tab to quickly find what you need by searching for messages and files or browsing channels and people.

Manage guests with SCIM provisioning on Enterprise Grid

Workspace owners and admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now create and deactivate accounts for multi-channel guests with SCIM provisioning, allowing them to manage guests more efficiently.

Format your messages with indented lists

When formatting your messages in Slack, you can now indent up to five lines in ordered and bulleted lists. Visit our Help Centre to learn how to give your lists a cleaner look.

Other news

  • Owners and admins using the analytics API can view daily channel metrics for public channels, allowing them to see how channel activity is trending over time.
  • Notification previews on the Slack iOS app have gotten a refresh, making it easier to see who your messages are from and which conversations they’re a part of.
  • Owners and admins on the Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions can now notify all invited members about any messages in channels where invited members have been added.
  • To help keep Slack secure, it’s no longer possible to upload certain file types in channels shared with Slack Connect.
  • We’ve made it easier to find workflows that you need to manage. You can now search for workflows by title, filter by status (e.g. workflows with no collaborators) or date edited and more.
  • Invitations to share channels with Slack Connect now expire after 14 days instead of seven, making it easier for you and your external partners to accept them.
  • Org owners and org admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now control which workspaces in their org can use Slack Connect to share channels with outside organisations.
  • When you add someone to a channel using their email address, Slack will now prompt you to invite them to your workspace if they’re not already a member.

January 2021

New Slack Connect permissions for DMs

Slack Connect for direct messages (DMs) will soon be available, allowing members to exchange DMs with external partners. In advance of this release, owners and admins can enable or disable this feature and adjust new Slack Connect settings and permissions for their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation.

Improvements to top-level desktop app navigation

A new set of operating system-level menus for the Slack desktop app lets you navigate anywhere in Slack using just your keyboard or a few clicks. Open the File menu to create messages or channels and access your workspace settings, or use the Go menu to quickly access conversations, sidebar items, downloaded files and more. Download the latest version of Slack for Mac, Windows or Linux to get started.

Slack video calls now available on mobile devices

You can now make video calls with Slack's calling feature from the mobile apps, just like you would on your desktop. Visit our Help Centre to learn more about making calls in Slack.

Build more secure Slack apps with Socket Mode

Slack app developers can now build internal Slack apps behind their company’s firewall. With Socket Mode, apps can receive traffic from Slack without exposing public endpoints. Learn more on Slack API.

Other news

  • Customers using Slack’s paid subscriptions can now create unique email addresses for direct messages (DMs) in addition to channels to easily send emails to any conversation in Slack.

December 2020

Deprecation policy for Slack app versions, browsers and operating systems

To ensure that we deliver a consistent experience for our customers, we're introducing a new policy for deprecating app versions, browsers and operating systems on a regular schedule.

A centralised place to manage Slack Connect on Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins can now access all Slack Connect settings and permissions for their org in one place. Manage the permission to share channels, choose who can send invitations and more, all from the new Slack Connect section of the org dashboard.

Manage file uploads in Slack Connect

Owners and admins can now choose whether members can upload and share files in conversations with other organisations. Visit our Help Centre to learn more.

Slack is available in Italian

Ciao! We’ve added Italian to the list of languages that we support. Learn how to update your language preference in Slack.

Easily install apps on Enterprise Grid

You can now install certain apps at the org level and add them to workspaces in your Enterprise Grid organisation, right from the admin dashboard. You can also choose to set apps as default so that they’re automatically installed when new workspaces are created in your org. Visit the Slack App Directory to see a full list of apps that can be installed at the org level, and learn more about installing them in our Help Centre.

Other news

  • You can now update the Direct Download version of the Slack desktop app from the  help icon. When there's an update available, you'll see a badge on the icon to let you know.
  • Scheduling meetings with other organisations in Slack Connect just got easier. If you create an event from the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar app in a channel that you’re sharing, you’ll now see the times all participants who’ve connected their calendars are available.

November 2020

Manage one-click emoji reactions

One-click emoji reactions let you respond to messages in Slack almost instantly — simply hover over a message and choose from three emoji options. Owners and admins can now choose the default options for one-click reactions for their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation.

New preferences for viewing workspace activity on Enterprise Grid

Members in an Enterprise Grid organisation can now choose to view activity from all workspaces in their org or just the workspace that they’re currently using in the All unreadThreads and Mentions & reactions pages in their sidebar.

Automatically approve requests to share channels

Those with permission to manage channels shared with other organisations can now automatically approve requests. For the organisations that you specify, future requests to share channels will automatically be allowed without additional admin approval from your organisation.

Revoke pending invitations to share channels

Whether an invitation is generated in error, or you simply change your mind, you can now revoke a pending invitation to share a channel with another organisation if it hasn’t been accepted yet.

Other news

  • Owners and admins can now choose if members’ email addresses will be visible in their Slack profiles to only their organisation, or to any organisations that they’re sharing channels with.
  • When you share your screen with Slack Calls, you can now choose to share your whole desktop screen or individual application windows.
  • In your sidebar, you’ll now see profile images displayed next to direct messages, along with buttons to add channels, apps and new conversations

October 2020

Confidently work with verified organisations in channels

Verified organisations in Slack Connect will soon be denoted with a purple tick mark. Whenever a member of a verified organisation sends or receives an invitation to share a channel, you’ll know that you’re connecting to the right company.

Choose who can send and accept invitations to share channels

Invitations to share channels with Slack Connect could previously be sent or accepted by everyone or no one at all, depending on your organisation’s settings. Owners and admins can now choose specific people to send and accept invitations to share a channel.

New and improved shortcuts menu on desktop

We’ve added a wide variety of Slack actions – like creating a channel, setting your status, managing notifications and more – to the shortcuts menu so everything you need is in one handy place. Choose a shortcut from the Suggested section, or search for a specific action. To find and use shortcuts and slash commands for apps installed to your workspace, scroll down to the Browse by app section of the menu.

Prevent members from messaging or calling each other with information barriers

Org owners on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now create information barriers between IDP groups. This prevents specific members from sending direct messages or calling each other in Slack, helping your organisation avoid conflicts of interest and safeguard sensitive information.

New Slack analytics metrics and permissions

New metrics for customers on the Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions provide more detailed insights into how people in your workspace use Slack. View the analytics dashboard to see information about when members were last active, which device they typically use to access Slack and how many messages they’ve posted. If they like, workspace owners and org owners can choose to disable these metrics for workspaces they manage.

Slack is available in Korean

안녕하세요! We’ve added Korean to the list of languages we support. If you’d like to use Slack in Korean, you can update your language preference in Slack at any time.

Connect Workflow Builder to your everyday tools with steps from apps

Add steps from apps to workflows to easily connect work happening in Slack to the other tools that you use every day. Any workflow steps available for apps installed to your workspace will be visible in Workflow Builder, alongside the message and form steps that you’re already familiar with. Browse the Slack App Directory to find apps with steps, and check out Add steps to a workflow for more details.


Other news


September 2020

Export a list of channels in your workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation

On the Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions, owners and admins with permission to use channel management tools can now export a list of channels in a CSV file. The file will include information like the channel name, the number of members and guests in the channel, and the date the channel was created.

New options for exports on Enterprise Grid

Org owners can now request to export data from all channels and conversations in their Enterprise Grid organisation from the org dashboard. Org owners can also request to export data for all of the conversations that a single user has been a part of in JSON or TXT format.

New Workflow Builder permissions for steps from apps

Steps from apps will soon be available in Workflow Builder, allowing members to create workflows that connect with their external tools. In advance of this release, owners and admins can choose to enable or disable this workflow feature for their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation.

Send emails to Slack channels

Customers on Slack’s paid subscriptions can now create a unique email address for any Slack channel, making it easier than ever to bring relevant information from emails into your workspace. Send emails to a channel email address individually, or set up a forwarding rule in your email client to send certain emails into Slack automatically. If they’d like to, owners and admins can restrict channel email address creation to certain members of their workspace or Enterprise Grid organisation.

Invite people from outside your company to share a channel – now on mobile

Just like on desktop, you can add people from outside your organisation to share one of your Slack channels from the mobile apps. To learn how to share channels, visit our Help Centre.

EKM support for Slack Connect

Enterprise Key Management (EKM) is now available for channels shared with external organisations. The messages and files sent by members of your organisation will now be encrypted using your own keys.

Channel management tools now available on the Plus subscription

Workspace owners and admins on the Plus subscription can now use channel management tools to view a list of public channels in their workspace and take action on them from a central dashboard. The workspace primary owner can also take action on private channels and give owners and admins permission to do the same.

Limit information displayed in mobile notifications on Enterprise Grid

With a mobile passcode required for their Enterprise Grid org, org owners can choose to limit the information visible in mobile notification previews, securing information on unmanaged mobile devices. Org owners can choose to show no message content, sender names only or all message content in mobile notification previews.

Other news

  • Any collaborator on a workflow can now view activity to better understand who’s using their workflow and which steps may be causing issues.
  • Org owners and admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now reactivate multiple members at once from the org dashboard.
  • For customers using Slack in a web browser, we no longer redirect external links through, our redirect service. If you have questions about this change, get in touch with our support team.
  • If you use Slack in Google Chrome, you now have the option to share your screen during a Slack call, as well as decide which window to share.
  • A new preference allows you to always join Slack calls with your audio muted. Go to the Advanced section of your preferences to find it.
  • Narrow searches in Slack from your desktop with a new set of filters. Click the search field then select Messages, Files, People or Channels to only see results in that category.
  • You’ll now be able to choose from a list of your five most recent customised statuses when setting your Slack status on your desktop or mobile device.

August 2020

Updates to channel management tools

The org primary owner can now allow workspace owners and admins to use a new set of workspace-level channel management tools for their workspaces. In addition, any org owners/admins and workspace owners/admins with permission to manage channels can now add people to a channel and add or remove a channel from workspaces within their org.

Organise your sidebar more quickly

If you’re using Slack on the Standard, Plus or Enterprise Grid subscription, you can now click on Edit sidebar from any sidebar section to rearrange conversations into customised sections all at once, instead of moving them one by one.

New menus for you and your workspace

You’ll now find two separate menus for access to key preferences and settings on Slack for your desktop. From your profile picture in the top right, you’ll find a new menu where you can set your status, manage notifications and adjust other personal preferences. Click on your workspace name in the top left to open an updated menu dedicated to actions and settings for your workspace.

Other news

  • On the Slack mobile apps, you can now select a recent direct message after tapping the Jump to... field from the  Home tab and  DMs tab.
  • Access all your direct messages (DMs) from the new All DMs page at the top of your left sidebar from Slack on your desktop. Click on a recent conversation from the list, or search for an older conversation to pick up where you left off.
  • You can now view which members are in a channel with a cluster of profile pictures in the top right corner, or click on the  add people icon to quickly add members to the channel.
  • For greater control over your notifications, you can now mute direct messages from apps and bots, the same way that you can mute channels and direct messages from members.

July 2020

Edit message retention settings with channel management tools

On the Enterprise Grid subscription, customers can now choose a new retention setting that allows org owners and designated org admins to change the message retention policy for individual public or private channels from the org dashboard with channel management tools.

Data residency now available in Paris

With data residency for Slack, organisations can choose the region where certain types of customer data – such as messages, files and posts – are stored at rest. Data residency is now available in Paris, France. See other available regions and learn more about data residency in the Help Centre.

Other news

  • You can now format messages in Workflow Builder with Slack’s automatic formatting, in addition to markup.
  • Reading a threadthat you'd like to come back to later? You can now mark threads as unread, just like with other messages in Slack.

June 2020

Grant all workspace members access to a calendar app in Slack

Workspace owners and workspace admins can enable domain-wide authentication to connect all their workspace members’ accounts with the Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar app in Slack.

Set a customised notification schedule to suit your work week

Create a customised notification schedule to automatically turn do not disturb (DND) on at specific times of day or on certain days of the week, including weekends. Learn how to set your Slack notification schedule from your desktop or your mobile device in our Help Centre.

Share a channel with multiple organisations

You can now connect with up to 19 other organisations in the same Slack channel, all from your own workspaces. Sharing a channel allows you to securely communicate with your external partners and vendors in one central place, and get work done in a more productive way.

Require members to use a minimum app version on Enterprise Grid

Org owners on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now require members to use a minimum version of the Slack iOS and Android apps. This feature requires members to update their mobile app to continue using Slack, ensuring that every member of an Enterprise Grid org will have access to Slack’s native security features.

Add an emoji pack in Slack

To quickly add a new set of customised emoji to your workspace, you can now install an emoji pack. An emoji pack provides more customised options for enhancing how your team communicates in Slack, while saving you the time of creating individual custom emoji. The Remote work pack is available, and we’ll be adding more in the future.

Resize or collapse your sidebar on desktop

We’ve added two new ways to adjust your sidebar size and display. You can click and drag the edge of your left or right sidebar to a different width. To collapse or open your left sidebar, use ShiftD (Mac) or CtrlShiftD (Windows/Linux).

May 2020

New channel management tools

Org primary owners can now view and manage all public and private channels in an Enterprise Grid org. From the organisation dashboard, you can manage posting permissions, rename a channel, archive a channel and more. If you want others to be able to access this dashboard, you can give org owners and org admins permission to view and manage channels as well.

EKM support for Workflow Builder

Data from Workflow Builder is now encrypted for Enterprise Key Management (EKM) customers. Learn more in our Help Centre.

Send messages in conversations more easily

The  send button will now appear in the message field for everyone. We’ve also added a new preference that allows you to choose whether pressing your Enter key will send a message or start a new line.

Receive mobile notifications when you’re active on desktop

To help you to stay on top of updates when switching between Slack on your desktop and mobile devices, you can now receive notifications on both devices at the same time. In your notification preferences, select the option to receive notifications immediately, even if you’re active.

The new Slack experience for mobile

It’s simpler than ever to get work done in the Slack mobile app. We’re releasing a set of improvements to complement the new Slack desktop experience, including a new set of tabs at the bottom of the screen, the compose button and the ability to search from anywhere. Visit our Help Centre to learn more.

Connect identity provider groups to channels

On the Enterprise Grid subscription, org owner and org admins can now connect identity provider (IDP) groups to channels to more easily manage Slack at scale. Members of the IDP group will be automatically added to connected channels, but they can choose to leave the channels if they like.

View message activity

Owners and admins on the Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions can now see how many people have viewed, reacted to and shared a message in Slack. Message activity is available for messages posted in public channels with at least 50 members.

Improvements to reminders in Slack

Using the /remind slash command in the message field will now open a form in Slack, where you can set the date, time and description for your reminder. You can also now use the /remind slash command in threads.

Make calls to phone numbers with third-party apps

You can now make calls to phone numbers directly from Slack with certain third-party apps. Visit our Help Centre to learn how to install the calling app of your choice and access it from the  phone icon in your workspace.

 Other news

  • You can now jump to a specific point in a conversation from Slack on your desktop by clicking a date marker in a channel or direct message (DM). Select a date range from the menu to view messages from a particular time period, such as Last week, or a specific date on the calendar.
  • It’s no longer possible to create new legacy test tokens. If you need new tokens to interact with the Slack API, create a Slack app instead.

April 2020

Take action more quickly with shortcuts

We’ve made it even easier to take action in Slack with the shortcuts menu. From any conversation, click the lightning bolt icon to set a reminder, start a call or create a post or snippet. If apps that are installed to your workspace include shortcuts, you’ll see them in the menu as well. Learn more about shortcuts in our Help Centre.


Data residency now available in Sydney and London

With data residency for Slack, organisations can choose the region where certain types of customer data – such as messages, files and posts – are stored at rest. Data residency is now available in Sydney, Australia and London. See other available regions and learn more about data residency in the Help Centre.

Grant workflow creation permissions to certain members

Owners and admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription have more control over workflow creation permissions. In addition to granting permission to all members or only owners and admins, you’ll now see the option to choose specific members and user groups.

Retention settings for shared channels

Retention settings for your workspace or Enterprise Grid org now apply to shared channels. These retention settings will only apply to messages and files sent by members of your organisation in shared channels.

Pause your notifications across your workspaces on Enterprise Grid

Managing your notifications on your Enterprise Grid org just got easier. Now when you pause notifications for one workspace, all notifications across your workspaces in the same org will pause too.

 Other news

  • We’ve made it easier to create workflows with a set of customisable templates that you can modify to suit your company’s needs. To get started, open Workflow Builder, then click on the Templates tab at the top of the screen.
  • The Scheduled date & time trigger in Workflow Builder now supports specific times, so you can set workflows to run at any time that you want.
  • App developers can now submit detailed information about their apps’ security and compliance practices. If available, you can see that info in the Security & compliance tab on an app’s page in the Slack App Directory.
  • You can now upload up to ten images at a time on the iOS and Android apps.

March 2020

Quickly switch between calling apps in Slack

Owners and admins on the Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions can now allow members to easily switch between calling apps without leaving Slack. Visit our Help Centre to learn how to add multiple third-party apps to the dropdown menu when clicking the  phone icon.

The new Slack experience for your desktop

We've made it easier to use Slack, tailor it to your work and get more done. Visit our Help Centre to learn more about the changes we've made to the Slack desktop experience, like the new compose button and revamped sidebar.

Invite people to Slack using Google Directory

Skip copying and pasting a list of email addresses to send workspace invitations. If you use G Suite for Business, you can connect your Google Directory to Slack to invite all of your teammates to your workspace. Learn more in our Help Centre.

Use Box with Slack

Install the new Box app to securely share and search for Box files, view detailed file previews and use new slash commands. Plus, Box admins can now configure security settings for Box files in Slack from the Box Admin Console.

New keyboard shortcuts for taking message actions

We’ve added new one-key shortcuts to take different actions on messages when they’re in focus, making it faster to navigate Slack with a screen reader. To bring a message into focus, press F6 before using a one-key keyboard shortcut.

Data residency now available in Tokyo

With data residency for Slack, organisations can choose the region where certain types of customer data – such as messages, files and posts – are stored at rest. Data residency is now available in Tokyo, Japan. See other available regions and learn more about data residency in the Help Centre.

 Other news

  • If there are fewer than 150 members in your workspace, you’ll see options to add all members of your workspace to that channel or set it as a default channel for new members.
  • If you use custom objects in Salesforce, you can now configure them to use with the Salesforce app in Slack. For step-by-step instructions, read our configuration guide for Salesforce Admins.
  • When requiring members to use a secure mobile browser, Enterprise Grid org owners now have more browsers to choose from and the option to configure this setting with Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

February 2020

Add people to channels in bulk – now on mobile

Just like on desktop, you can now add up to 1,000 people to a channel at once from the Slack mobile apps. To learn more, visit our Help Centre.

Add hyperlinks to your messages

We’ve added a new way to format your messages! You can now create hyperlinks in your messages when using Slack’s automatic formatting. Visit our Help Centre to learn how to give links a cleaner look.

Improved Slack calls on the iOS app

When you receive a Slack call from a direct message on the iOS app, the incoming call will now display in full screen, even when you don’t have the iOS app open.

Two new ways to launch workflows with Workflow Builder

When creating a workflow in Slack, choose Scheduled date & time to launch a workflow automatically at a specific time or on a recurring basis. Or select Webhook to initiate your workflow when Slack receives a request for another service of your choice.

Keep up with Slack conversations from your email inbox

When you get email notifications from Slack, you can reply to those conversations directly from your inbox. Replies to messages sent by email will post to the appropriate channels and direct messages in your workspace. Continue the conversation there if you’d like, or keep replying via email.

Block jailbroken or rooted devices on Enterprise Grid

Org owners on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now block members from accessing Slack on jailbroken iOS and rooted Android devices. Members will be prevented from signing in to Slack, or signed out, if a jailbroken or rooted device is detected.

 Other news

January 2020

New Workflow Builder workspace permissions and org policies

Workspace owners/admins and org owners/admins can now manage a new set of permissions in advance of new workflow features that are coming soon. Learn how to manage members’ ability to create workflows using webhooks, or download workflow form data as a CSV file in our Help Centre.

Set do not disturb while on holiday

On desktop, setting your status to the default On holiday suggestion now turns on do not disturb, so you don’t have to worry about manually pausing your notifications. You’ll automatically start getting notifications again when you clear your status, or after six weeks.

Remotely sign members out of Slack

In the event that a member’s device gets lost or stolen, org owners and org admins on the Enterprise Grid subscription can now remotely sign members out of Slack to help keep their org secure.

Data residency now available in Paris

With data residency for Slack, organisations can choose the region where certain types of customer data – such as messages, files and posts – are stored at rest. Data residency is now available in Paris, France. See other available regions and learn more about data residency in the Help Centre.

Sort your search results on Android

On Android, you can now sort your search results in the same way that you would on desktop. Start a search, then tap the   sort icon beside the number of search results to find your most relevant or newest messages and files faster.

Find and use apps more quickly

We’ve made it easier to find and use apps in the Slack desktop app. Click   Apps at the top of the left sidebar to see apps that are installed to your workspace, search for new apps, and open apps that you’ve used recently.

December 2019

Make outbound calls with Zoom Phone

Anyone using the Zoom app for Slack with a Zoom Phone subscription can now make calls to phone numbers directly from Slack. To get started, open the Zoom app in Slack and use the /zoom call slash command in a channel or direct message.

Message in a Slack channel above prompt to make a Zoom Phone call to a workspace member's phone number from Slack

Send shared channel requests to a channel

To help to centralise shared channel requests, owners and admins can send all requests to a specific channel in their workspace or org. This will allow members with permission to manage shared channels approve requests in one place.

Improved ways to add user groups to channels

On desktop, it’s now easier to add user groups to channels. Just like with adding individual members to channels, you can copy and paste user group names into the channel invite field, or start typing user group names to select them.

Data residency for Slack

With data residency for Slack, organisations can choose the region where certain types of customer data – like messages, files and posts – are stored at rest. The first data storage region available outside of the United States is Frankfurt, Germany.

New ways to format your messages

We’ve added new ways to format your messages on desktop and mobile devices. With automatic formatting, you can see exactly what your messages look like before you send them. If you prefer to use markup instead, we’ve also added the option to adjust your formatting preference. Visit our Help Centre to learn more.

Other news

  • You can now add emoji reactions to messages directly from your activity.
  • If you change your mind shortly after clearing all your unread messages, you have a few seconds to undo this action. Click the Undo button that appears near the bottom of the channel or direct message.


November 2019

Manage apps on Enterprise Grid

Org owners on Enterprise Grid can now approve or restrict apps and enable an app management policy for every workspace in their org. By setting an app management policy, you ensure that all apps installed to your org are approved by a workspace owner or app manager.

An improved way to create shared channels

You can now create a shared channel by copying and pasting an invitation link and sending it to a member of another workspace using any communication platform that you prefer. Any member can accept the invitation, but an owner or admin of both workspaces must approve the request before the channel is connected.

Centralise invitation requests on Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins on Enterprise Grid can manage workspace invitation requests at the org level using a new set of APIs. Visit Slack API to get started.

Whitelist org domains on Enterprise Grid

Org owners and org admins on Enterprise Grid can now whitelist an org domain with Enterprise mobility management (EMM). This will ensure that users can only access authorised workspaces on their device.

Add people to channels in bulk on desktop

We’ve made it easier to add large groups of people to channels. It’s now possible to add up to 1,000 people to a channel at once, instead of adding them one at a time. Visit our Help Centre to learn more.

 Other news

  • Using the Discovery API, org owners on Enterprise Grid can now search for specific users’ conversations rather than building a full archive.
  • Install or open the Outlook Calendar app for Slack, and click the new Home tab to see your schedule and manage your calendar.
  • On desktop, when you start a call in a channel with more than 100 members, Slack will confirm that this is the action that you want to take before the call starts.

October 2019

Mute direct messages

You can now mute direct messages the same way that you mute channels for greater control over your notifications.

Understand app permissions more easily

We’ve made it easier to see what information an app can access when you install or approve an app for your Slack workspace.



Improved channel-specific notification settings

To help you to set channel-specific notifications, we’ve changed the way these preferences look. You’ll now see your existing preferences as soon as you click the   gear icon, and you can set new preferences without leaving the channel view.


New app permissions model

We’ve released a new way for app developers to manage information that their apps access in Slack. Developers who are interested in adopting our new granular permissions model can get access to the open beta on Slack API. Workspace admins and app managers may see requests to reapprove apps that are installed to their workspace if their scopes change. Learn more on the Slack blog


Automate everyday tasks in Slack with Workflow Builder

Workflow Builder offers a simple set of tools that anyone can use to automate routine processes – no coding required. Create a workflow to collect information, share it with the right people and move work along, without leaving Slack. Take a look at our example workflows, or visit the Help Centre to learn more.


Other news

  • When migrating workspaces to your Enterprise Grid org, members can now continue using workspaces in the org while direct messages (DMs) are being migrated. The workspaces will still be temporarily unavailable while channels are being migrated.
  • Notifications now clear individually from the Android notification shade or lock screen, and only once you’ve read the associated messages.
  • Enterprise Grid org owners can now require members to use a secure mobile browser when signing in with single sign-on (SSO) or opening external links in the Slack mobile apps.
  • Manage your Google Calendar more effectively with the updated Google Calendar app for Slack. Install or open the app, then visit the new Home tab to see your schedule, respond to invites and more.
  • We've restored the ability to switch to workspaces outside of your organisation on the desktop app. Click the search bar at the top and start typing the name of any workspace that you want to stay signed in to.
  • Workspace owners and admins on the Standard and Plus subscriptions can now edit usernames in the same way that they can edit emails, full names and display names.
  • Install the new Salesforce app for Slack to connect Slack with Service Cloud or Sales Cloud, send Salesforce alerts for record or object updates to channels, attach Slack messages to records in Salesforce and more.
  • The default image for members without a profile photo has changed. Take a look below, and learn how to upload a profile photo.

September 2019

It's official: shared channels are here

With shared channels, Slack offers a better way to work with people outside your company. They work just like normal channels, except that they connect two separate organisations together, bringing the right people into the same place, no matter where they work. Read our blog post and visit our Help Centre to learn more.


Dark mode comes to desktop

Slack just got a darker look! Dark mode on desktop has arrived, making it possible to switch to a darker colour theme. You can now ease your eyes across all the devices that you use Slack on – not just on our mobile apps. Learn how to use dark mode.


A new way for members to request invitations

Workspace members (but not guests) can now request invitations for others directly in Slack. Workspace owners and admins can approve or deny requests in a dedicated Slack channel or via a Slackbot message.

Other news

  • You can now search for people in your workspace by the email address listed in their Slack profile.
  • On the iOS app, use the new   three horizontal lines icon to access your channels and direct messages in the sidebar list.
  • On Android 9 or higher, a message reply you start writing from the phone’s notification shade will be saved in the mobile app.
  • After a bug fix, notifications on the iOS app now clear individually and only after you’ve read the associated messages.


August 2019

Simplified channel naming

Help your team's work in Slack to stay organised with channel prefixes. Members can now choose from a set of standard prefixes when creating or renaming channels. Plus, workspace owners and admins can add or delete prefixes to suit their teams' needs. Learn more in the Help Centre.


Easier app management for Enterprise Grid orgs

Enterprise Grid org owners can now set app management policies for all workspaces in their org at once, or use an API to manage apps at the org level. Visit our Help Centre for more details.


Changes to Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Slack

On February 19th 2020, Slack will discontinue support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) versions 1.0 and 1.1. We're making this change to align with industry best practices for security and data integrity. After this date, requests sent to Slack from any service that hasn't been upgraded to TLS 1.2 will fail. We'll be contacting all customers who are affected by this change, which you can read more about in our Help Centre. 


A new and improved way to disconnect shared channels

When a project ends or a channel is no longer needed, owners and admins can stop sharing it with an external organisation without disrupting members from collaborating in other shared channels and direct messages. If two organisations no longer need to work together, owners and admins can stop sharing all channels to break their connection.


Introducing longer channel names

To allow for more channel naming flexibility, we’ve extended the character limit from 21 to 80. Learn more about creating channels.

Search for people in Slack

Ever needed to find the right person to talk to, but weren’t sure where to start? Now you can search for people that you work with by name, title, profile information or things that they discuss in Slack. Learn more about search and the best way to find the information that you need.

Other news

  • Org owners on Enterprise Grid can choose the email address that members see if they try to create a new workspace using a claimed domain
  • Now, when you tap and hold a message on iOS or Android, you can start or reply to a thread from the menu. You’ll also see your top five most frequently used emoji reactions.
  • When you’re working in a shared channel, you’ll see the external organisation’s name just above the message field.Context_bar.png

July 2019

Secondary authentication now available for Enterprise Grid orgs

Get an extra layer of security with Slack’s latest addition to mobile security for Enterprise Grid. Org owners and admins can now require members to use a secondary form of authentication – a passcode, fingerprint or facial scan – when accessing Slack on mobile devices. Learn more.

Changes to SSO set-up permissions for Enterprise Grid

On Enterprise Grid orgs, only workspace owners and org owners have the ability to set up single sign-on (SSO). Workspace admins and org admins no longer have this permission.

Formatting posts made easy

Create and edit posts more smoothly with faster loading times and updated formatting options for a more polished look and feel. Please note that the ability to create public posts (to share outside your workspace) is no longer available.


Onboard new teammates more efficiently

When you invite a new person to Slack, you can immediately start working with them. Add invited members to channels, @mention them in messages or send a direct message. Read more about how this works.


Upload custom emoji from Slack, and search by creator

Add custom emoji directly from the Slack desktop app by clicking the smiley face icon in the message field, then the Add emoji button. Plus, visit your workspace's Customise page to search for all the emoji that you or another member have created.


Sync your Slack status with Google Calendar

Let your team know when you're in a meeting by automatically updating your Slack status based on calendar events – without leaving Slack. If you already use the Google Calendar app for Slack, tell your team about this new feature. If not, install the Google Calendar app to get started.


Limit who can post in channel

We’ve made it easier to keep large announcement channels on-topic and free from distraction by giving you better control over who can post in-channel. Learn more.

A smoother, faster Slack experience

The latest version of our desktop app provides a smoother, faster experience for all. Some notable changes include faster loading times, better overall performance and the ability to work offline. Download the latest version of our desktop app.


What’s new

  • Limited offline support – set your status, Star items and react to messages when you don’t have an Internet connection
  • Less memory usage, better performance
  • Faster loading times
  • Improved Slack calls

Other notable updates

  • Click the new   paper clip icon in the message field to add attachments
  • A redesigned auto-complete menu for @mentions and slash commands
  • No more loading messages – Slack loads too quickly for them to be readable
  • Visual improvements to the activity view, Quick Switcher and channel sidebar
  • Unread message activity displays as a dot on the top-right of your workspace icon
  • Member profiles have a bigger profile image and include the option to message or call the individual
  • Drafts sync across Enterprise Grid workspaces

Other news

  • We’ve added back and forward buttons next to the Jump to section in the sidebar, allowing you to navigate through your channel history with ease.
  • Slack Calls have a new look! Our new interface makes it easy to see who’s joined meetings and when they started.

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
Mac | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android

June 2019

Whitelist specific Slack workspaces

IT admins can now limit connections to an entire Slack org or to a list of external workspaces. This allows them to prevent people on their network from signing in to non-whitelisted workspaces. Learn more.

Shared channels beta available on Enterprise Grid

On Enterprise Grid, you can start collaborating with external organisations, just like you would with teams in your own org. If you're an org owner or admin, learn how to use shared channels and manage settings and permissions.


Internal shared channels are now multi-workspace channels

Channels that connect separate workspaces within a single Enterprise Grid organisation are now called multi-workspace channels.


Improved app administration

Admins of workspaces with approved apps enabled will now be prompted to review any apps requesting new permissions, even if they were previously approved.


Compact layout for images and files

Good news! Now you can add up to ten images and files at once in Slack. As an added bonus, multi-file uploads will appear in a nice, neat grid for your viewing pleasure. ✨


Keep track of draft messages

Pick up where you left off, with drafts in Slack. If you have any unfinished or unsent messages, you’ll see a list of the related channels or DMs under the Drafts heading at the top of your sidebar.


May 2019

Easier custom emoji management

We’ve made it easier for admins to manage custom emoji by adding two new ways to sort them – by name and by date added. Head to your workspace’s Customise page to check it out! 🎉


April 2019

Slack is available in three new languages

We’ve added Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, and UK English to the list of languages that we support! Simply update your language preference to use Slack however it’s most comfortable for you.


More pleasant app management

Now, if a member who installs any of the 20+ Slack-built apps leaves your company, these apps will remain active instead of deactivating unexpectedly. More apps will be added to this list, so keep an eye on our Help Centre for the latest updates.


Office 365 apps for Slack

Update your Slack status based on your calendar, respond to meeting invites, send emails into Slack and more, with the new Office 365 apps for Slack. Get the apps to connect Slack with the O365 tools that you use every day.


Gmail add-on for Slack

Facilitate collaboration between teammates and make relevant information visible to all stakeholders by sending emails to Slack channels and DMs directly from Gmail. Install the add-on to get started.


March 2019

Channels now appear in search

Search results now include a new tab dedicated to channels, making it easier to discover new channels across your workspace(s). Find key conversations and files, and the channels where they live.

Introducing Slack Enterprise Key Management (Slack EKM)

Security-conscious and regulated organisations can now manage their own encryption keys. Learn more about Slack EKM, a new security add-on for the Enterprise Grid subscription.

Mobile security updates for Enterprise Grid

In addition to file downloads, org owners can also block members from copying content to unmanaged mobile devices. Learn more about mobile security for Enterprise Grid orgs.

Updates to our supported browsers and operating systems

To focus on delivering the best Slack experience possible, we’ve updated the minimum requirements for our supported browsers and operating systems. Read more about the minimum requirements for using Slack.

Dark mode for mobile

Dark Mode has arrived for Slack’s iOS and Android apps. Ease your eyes by switching to a darker colour theme for reading and writing – especially in low-light settings. Learn more.

Side-by-side screenshots of a Slack channel in both dark and light mode


A smoother sign-in experience for desktop

When you sign in to the Slack desktop app, you’ll be asked to authenticate from your browser. This allows you to use password managers or other two-factor authentication hardware to easily access your account. If you're already signed in to Slack on your browser, you’ll be automatically signed in to the desktop app.

Refreshed emoji reactions

We gave our beloved emoji reactions a fresh new look. You’ll notice a more rounded style, which is not only more modern, but also more forgiving for custom emoji. Emoji_reactions_.png

Microsoft Office file previews

If you share Office files in Slack, we’ve got exciting news: you can see a full preview of Powerpoint, Word and Excel documents right from your workspace, no download required! Upload an Office file to give it a try.

Other news

February 2019

Build with Block Kit

Create or update custom apps with Block Kit – a UI framework that makes it easier to build powerful, intuitive apps for Slack. Take a look at the Slack platform blog for more.

Say hello to Slack Tips

Browse the Slack Tips library for step-by-step guides that can help you get the most out of Slack.

Note: Slack Tips are currently only available in English.

Improved import speed and performance

If you’re importing data into Slack from Hipchat, Stride, a CSV file or another workspace, you’ll notice a faster, more seamless experience.


January 2019

Mobile security features for Enterprise Grid orgs

On an Enterprise Grid org, owners and admins can protect their organisation’s data by blocking file downloads to unauthorised devices. This feature does not require set up with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider. Learn more.

Fewer unexpected app removals, less disruption

Deactivated member accounts used to result in the unexpected removal of any apps that they installed. We’ve made it harder for these kinds of surprises to happen: app features like bot users, commands, actions or incoming webhooks will remain active, even if the installing member is deactivated. With fewer disruptions, your workspace can keep humming along. Learn more.

Two Google Calendar apps to choose from

Our Slack App Directory now offers two Google Calendar apps. Designed for personal use, Google Calendar helps you to keep track of your work schedule. For teams that collaborate together, Google Calendar for Team Events brings a shared calendar into Slack. Learn more about connecting Google Calendar to Slack.

Introducing our new logo

We've given our logo a fresh coat of paint! Read all about why we refreshed our look.


Improved import workflow for merging workspaces

If you're merging two workspaces together, we've made it easier to combine matching members and channels. Read more about importing data from one workspace to another.

Workspace migration approvals

To streamline the migration process, org owners can now approve or decline all upcoming migrations from the Admin dashboard. Read more about moving workspaces to an Enterprise Grid org.

New subdomains for reliability

As part of our commitment to reliability, we’ve added new subdomains that will be rolling out slowly over the next few weeks. If your organisation whitelists specific subdomains, learn more about managing connection issues.

December 2018

Compressed file uploads on mobile 

To improve the experience of uploading files to Slack on iOS and Android devices, the size of JPG files is automatically compressed.

November 2018

Get updates on Slack's availability 

To keep everyone informed, we share updates about service availability and uptime through Slack status. Now you can subscribe to receive service alerts via Atom or RSS feed.

Access and share your OneDrive files from Slack

If you use Microsoft’s OneDrive to host and manage your files, sharing them to Slack just got easier. Using the  plus icon next to the message field, add a file from OneDrive without ever leaving your workspace.

More options for do not disturb

Now you can pause your notifications with do not disturb (DND) for as long as you like. Choose a preset option, or enter a custom time frame of your choosing. Although you won’t be alerted while in DND, all of your notifications will be waiting for you when you return. You won’t miss a beat! 🎵

Import Stride data into Slack

Back in July, Slack and Atlassian announced a new partnership. We're excited to share that, in addition to Hipchat, you can import your company's Stride data to Slack. Get started!

Sign in more easily from mobile

Now it's much easier to sign in to your Slack workspace on mobile. Enter your email address when signing in, and select the workspaces that you want to launch in your mobile app.

Improved mobile in-app notifications

Never miss an important update or conversation again. With in-app notifications for direct message and @mentions, you'll now receive notifications even when you're in the mobile app.

September 2018

Grouped notifications for iOS 12

If you’re using iOS 12, you’ll notice some nifty updates to your Slack notifications. They’re now grouped together by channel or direct message (DM) in the Notification centre, making it easier to catch up while on the go.📱

See new replies to threads

Keeping up with threads just got a bit easier. When someone replies to a thread (and sends that message to the entire channel), you'll now see when additional replies are added. Learn more about threads.

August 2018

Set your status, and then forget about it!

The next time you set a status, choose exactly how long it will display: once it expires, it will automatically clear. Read more about setting a status in Slack.

Slack demo: see where and how work happens

As your collaboration hub, Slack brings your team and your tools together. Visit to see exactly how it works!

Fresh updates to help you to manage customised emoji

When you create a custom emoji, we’ll now automatically resize the image file for you. You can also replace or edit emoji that your teammates have added – simply search for them by name!

Reply to Google Drive comments in Slack

If you use Slack with Google Drive, we've got exciting news: you can now reply directly to comments on all your Drive files without leaving Slack. Visit our Help Centre to learn more, and take a look at our blog post too.

Message actions for apps now on mobile

Kick off the next step in your work, even when you're on the go! Some apps come with built-in shortcuts called actions: they help you to quickly move work from Slack messages to a connected app. Learn more about using actions on mobile.

July 2018

Atlassian + Slack

We've forged an exciting new partnership with Atlassian – we’re officially welcoming Hipchat and Stride users to the Slack family! Hipchat users can start moving to Slack today: simply export your data from Atlassian, then use Slack’s import tool to choose which users, rooms and messages to bring into your Slack workspace. Learn more about importing Hipchat data to Slack and take a look at our Slack guide for Hipchat users.

The ability to export Stride data to Slack is coming soon! Stay tuned. 📻

Threads support files – and files support threads

Images and files can be uploaded directly to threads by adding files as you normally would. And instead of posting to the bottom of the channel, replies to files will stay neatly nested in a thread – just like message threads.

Old file comments posted in channel
New file replies stay in threads

View Enterprise Grid migrations in progress 🍿

Moving workspaces over to an Enterprise Grid organisation? Stay in the loop by monitoring the migration's progress.

Search in Slack has a new look

Finding your files and messages is easier than ever. See your search in a full-screen window with clickable filter options to sort results by people, conversations, date and more. And all the search modifiers that you already know still work! Learn how to search in Slack.

Other news

  • You have the option to add a send button to your message field, allowing you to use the Enter key to create a new line of text.
  • Refine data exports by selecting the date range that you’re most interested in.
  • We’ve made updates to the audit log API that give Enterprise Grid customers more insight into access events related to app activity, such as who requested or approved an app for a workspace.
  • New security features: Build more secure apps with Request signing & Mutual TLS.


June 2018

Update to Slack for Desktop 3.2.0

The latest Slack desktop app is here! Get ready for fewer pesky unread badges, better calls, quicker switching for Enterprise Grid – and even more. Read the release notes for a full list of what's changed.

Create links to direct people to a member’s profile

With our API, you can create links (or deeplinks) and share them in your employee directory, email signatures or company newsletters! Learn how.

Troubleshoot mobile notifications from the app 

We’ve built a new tool for troubleshooting and fixing mobile notification issues. Find it under the Notifications section in your mobile Slack app's Settings.

Other news

  • Your channel list on iOS now matches your Desktop sidebar more closely.
  • You may see channel names briefly appear as grey bars when launching Slack – don't be alarmed; this helps Slack load faster for large workspaces.
  • When navigating Slack by keyboard, pressing F6 will focus on a single message, rather than the whole message window. 
  • You can use familiar keyboard shortcuts to format your messages.

May 2018

Message actions for apps

Turn your conversations into action: create a task, comment or follow-up from any Slack message. Message actions for apps make it quick and easy to kick off the next step in your work, so nothing gets lost as you go about your day. See how they work!

IRC and XMPP gateways are now closed

Gateways can no longer support all of Slack’s features, so we’ve made the decision to close them. If you’ve been using gateways for accessibility reasons, you can continue to navigate Slack by keyboard and with a screen reader, and use VoiceOver (Mac) and Narrator (Windows) to read your messages.

Updates from our Platform and App Directory

  • Receive a courtesy confirmation before deactivating an app on your entire workspace. You can even transfer apps from deactivated members to new owners.
  • Introducing workspace apps: installed at the workspace level, they’re built for the way that your team works, offering more flexibility and improved app management.

Other news

April 2018

Workspace directory redesign

Searching for workspaces to join on an Enterprise Grid org just got a lot easier. Find out where your teammates are working by searching their name or email address.

Other news

  • We've added new ways to interact with app dialogues. For instance, you'll find new menu types that allow you to select members, channels or conversations. Visit Slack API for more.

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
Mac | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android

March 2018

Manage apps on Enterprise Grid

The admin dashboard lets you manage apps installed across the org. Easily review an app's permissions or uninstall it from a central location.

Quicker switches

The Quick Switcher got a makeover. It's quicker and sleeker. And now it helps you to switch between channels in other workspaces if you're on the Enterprise Grid subscription. See how it works!

Updates to our privacy policy and tools

We’re committed to helping teams around the world to work better, together. As part of our growth and to support changes to EU data protection law, we’ve updated our Privacy policy and User terms. We’ve also made some changes to our export tools and made it possible to remove profile information for deactivated members.

Audit logs in Enterprise Grid

A new API method is available on the Enterprise Grid subscription to help protect an organisation proactively. Visit the Help Centre or Slack API for more.

Admins can delete private channels

Workspace owners and admins can delete public and private channels that they have been invited to join. Simply follow the same steps to delete a channel.


February 2018

Customise your terms of service for Enterprise Grid

If you’ve set ground rules for your employees for using Slack, you can now make them visible when members sign in. Learn how to create a custom Terms of Service for all of your members and guests.

Retention settings with clearer descriptions

The design and language used to describe workspace message retention settings now give you a better understanding of the choices available. Read how to customise message and file retention policies.

Suggestions to archive idle channels

To help you to increase focus and decrease clutter in your channel sidebar, Slackbot will periodically suggest channels that you may want to archive. They're just suggestions, so take 'em or leave 'em!

Updates to emoji in Slack 🆕

  • Slack has updated its emoji set. Slack now offers Emoji 5.0, which includes the latest additions to Unicode 10.0.
  • Your emoji style may change. The emoji that you see in Slack are based on your device’s operating system. Use a screen reader? Convert emoji to plain text.
  • Emoji names are translated. The names for emoji have been translated into Slack’s current languages: French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Other news

  • To make it easier for members to find and join workspaces on your Enterprise Grid organisation, we've made the default workspace access preference By request. Learn how to manage workspace access.
  • In Enterprise Grid organisations, members no longer see guests and bots that exist in workspaces that they haven’t joined yet in the org directory and Quick Switcher.
  • We’ve made some behind-the-scenes enhancements, so now search works even faster. ⚡️

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
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January 2018

Apple Watch users: a single iOS app for all your needs

Everything that you could do with the standalone Watch app is now done through the iOS app. Rest assured – receiving and replying to messages from your wrist works the same as before. It’s like two for the price of one, but with apps.

New channel sidebar preference for Slack Enterprise Grid 

Group all of the channels shared across your Enterprise Grid organisation in your sidebar under the header Organisation channels. To adjust, open Preferences, click Sidebar and then head to the options under Sorting and grouping.


Find stuff faster with improved search suggestions

Click the search bar to see your recent searches, or type a search term and Slack will show you related channels, members and file matches. Just select a suggestion to quickly jump to the item!


Default channels for Slack Enterprise Grid

It’s even easier to get your members on the same page – and in the same channels! Org admins can automatically add every member (excluding guests) to channels shared across your entire organisation. Create a default channel.


Private shared channels (beta)

Create both private and public shared channels to communicate with vendors, agencies or clients in Slack. Each party can choose the level of privacy for a shared channel on their workspace.


New and improved shared channel management

A central, convenient place to view all of the external workspaces that yours is connected to. Or, easily create, view and stop sharing any (or all) shared channels. Click here for details!


See emoji as you type 👍

Emoji codes (like :thumbsup:) convert into the actual emoji as soon as you type them out in your message. Voila!


December 2017

Ding! Desktop 3.0.0 is ready ⏲

The latest Slack desktop app is fully baked! This version loads faster and uses less memory. Sweet, right? Read the release notes for a full list of what's changed.

Better shared channel management

Now workspace owners and admins can cancel, decline or accept pending shared channel invitations. To access, click Channels in the channel sidebar to browse all channels, then choose Show all shared channels (beta).


November 2017

The Slack app is available in Japanese! 🌸

Learn how to select your preferred language in Slack. Need some extra help? You're welcome to email us to speak to our Japanese-speaking Support agents any time. Domo arigato!

Self-service invoices

If paying for Slack by credit card isn’t ideal, the option to pay by invoice is available for eligible workspaces. Read more about how it works.


Helpful loading messages from Slack

Sometimes Slack needs a bit of time to load. If you’re like us, productivity is paramount. So, turn on helpful tips while you wait!

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
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October 2017

Share control of your screen During any Slack call, share control of your screen to co-edit documents on the spot. Or simply let others click, draw and navigate!

The latest Slack Enterprise Grid updates and features:

  • Remove access to shared channels. Did you share a channel with too many workspaces in your Enterprise Grid organisation? Well, good news! Now you can remove workspaces from a shared channel. Learn how!
  • Invite onlyworkspaces. Members can see that invite-only workspaces exist, but they'll need an invitation to join. Manage workspace discovery and access.

Redesigned search. Smarter, faster results.
Try the new All view to see search results that are most relevant to you: messages, files and people included! Learn more about sorting through search results in Slack.

September 2017

Communicate with any organisation in Slack with shared channels
Shared channels (beta) are a new type of channel that connects two workspaces, creating a common space for both organisations to work together, with the benefit of using Slack’s communication features and platform integrations.

👉🏽 Admins, sound interesting? Join our shared channels beta!

Display names and @mentions
Now that the Slack app is available in other languages, display names (formerly called usernames) can support spaces, capitalisation and non-Latin characters. To get someone's attention, type the @ symbol, then simply select a name from the list. Change your display name or dig into @mentions for more.

The Slack app is available in multiple languages!
English, German, French, Spanish – what’s your fancy? Simply select the language that you prefer to see throughout the app. (Admins! You can set the default language of an entire workspace.)

August 2017

Forward your emails to Slack
Do you have important information saved in your email inbox? Send those emails to yourself in Slack to keep everything in one place! Learn how to set up a forwarding address.

More insightful channel details
New to a channel or want to know more? Channel highlights provide a high-level overview of anything that you've missed. Read all about ‘em!

Enterprise mobile security
Enterprise Grid admins can integrate Slack with their mobile security provider for additional control over which devices can access Slack. See how it works!

July 2017

Control guest invitation permissions for Enterprise 
Now only members with permission can invite guests to workspaces that are connected to Enterprise Grid organisations. Click to read more.

Better insights about your team
Slack’s improved analytics give a better picture of how members use Slack, and of the tools and services connected to your workspace. Read more to see how your team is doing.


Keyboard accessibility in Slack
Rely on your keyboard to get around? We have shortcuts to help you to navigate from one area in Slack – such as links, buttons and message input fields – to another. Click to find all of our accessibility shortcuts (and say 👋 goodbye to your mouse)!


Single sign-on test mode for Enterprise
Test mode is now available on both the Plus subscription and Slack Enterprise Grid – go ahead, test SAML single sign-on configurations safely (and make adjustments!) before putting those changes into effect. Sound interesting? Read all about it.


Change Google Drive file permissions from Slack
If you share a file in Slack that doesn’t give other people access – either to view, edit or leave comments – we'll check whether you want to change the file’s permissions. Read on for more about Google Drive for Slack.

  • The Slack app can now be found in the G Suite Marketplace! When you add Slack to your Google apps, Google Drive connects automatically.👌


Discover and add apps to get things done
We’ve made it easier to discover the apps that your team is already using in Slack. Find the Apps section in your channel sidebar to browse and manage apps, or jump right into Slack’s App Directory. Learn more about adding apps to your team.

June 2017

Use highlights to focus on the important things
We’ll summarise what’s important to you in your All unread view, and highlight key messages in channels. You’ll spend less time reading and more time getting things done. Want to learn more?


Sync info stored in your identity provider to your members' profiles
People at your company can view consistent and clear information – such as job title or phone number – right from within their teammate’s profile in Slack. And there are other benefits, too. Read more!


We’ve streamlined your notification preferences
Access all your notification preferences – across channels and devices – right from the Slack desktop app. Dive into desktop notifications in our Help Centre.✨


Hide join and leave messages
Join and leave messages can be useful, but as your team grows, they may be getting in the way of real work. If you like, now you can turn them off. Manage your team's preferences.


¡Hola! We launched our Spanish Help Centre 
Slack's Help Centre is now available in Spanish. Switch to the Spanish Help Centre!

Other news

  • Admins can now customise their team’s set of suggested statuses to better reflect the ones your team use most often.
  • If you’re using Slack’s desktop app, channel archives will open in the app rather than redirecting you out of the app to a web browser.
  • And finally, the limited edition Brené Brown loading message collection was just that (it was both limited edition and a loading message collection) and, as such, is no longer available for new teams. Don't worry: If you have it enabled now, it's not going anywhere. We’ll have something just as special to come – and you can, as ever, add your own.

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
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May 2017

Preview GDrive files in channel
Links to GDrive files – whether docs, spreadsheets or slideshows – expand in-channel, giving a clearer (and more useful) glimpse of what's inside. Read our blog post for more.


Share your screen directly from Slack
From a Slack call, press the   share screen icon to present all your hard work to your teammates. Learn more about making calls (and sharing your screen)!



Relevant conversations and channels
To help you find answers to questions faster, we highlight specific people and channels that are most relevant to what you’re searching for. See how it works!


Set a deactivation time for guest accounts
Manage guest accounts on your team efficiently with more control over how long they’ll have access to your team. Learn more.

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
Mac | Windows | Linux | iOS | Android

April 2017

Better mobile message input
On iOS and Android devices, we’ve made it easier to send messages and share files and photos when you’re on the move.


Better guest management on Enterprise Grid
On Slack Enterprise Grid, guests can be converted to regular members through the Admin dashboard. Learn more.


Updates to our set of supported browsers and operating systems
To deliver a better experience in Slack, we’ve focused our efforts on a smaller set of supported browsers and operating systems. Learn more.


Add a custom status

Whether you’re going on holiday or working remotely, let your teammates know what you’re up to. 🌴  Pop over to the Help Centre article for the details.


こんにちは! Introducing the Japanese Help Centre
Slack’s Help Centre is available in Japanese! Switch to the Japanese Help Centre.


Interactive message menus in apps
Building an app for Slack? Along with buttons, apps can include drop-down menus offering members a list of options to choose from.  Learn more.


We've added international billing currencies
In addition to US dollars, Slack pricing is offered in pound sterling, euro and Japanese yen. Learn more.


Share files from your Google Team Drive
Teams using the Google Drive app can share, expand, search and preview files shared from your Team drive in Slack. Learn more.


Safe browsing
At Slack, safety and security is paramount. We’ve added an extra layer of protection to identify potentially unsafe websites or malicious links. Learn more.

March 2017

Request a new workspace on Enterprise Grid
With the preference turned on, members on Enterprise Grid can easily request to add a new workspace to your organisation. Learn more.

Move channels between teams
Move channels between any team or workspace connected to a Slack Enterprise Grid org. Learn more.

International channel names
Channel names can now include a much broader set of characters and accents. Any #fans-of-crème-brûlée out there?


Hallo, German Help Centre
Slack’s Help Centre is now available in German, with additional languages to follow. Switch to the German Help Centre. 🇩🇪 

Internal integrations
We've improved support for teams interested in building internal integrations using our APIs. Learn more.

Manage team discovery and access
We've improved support for teams interested in building internal integrations using our APIs. Learn more.

February 2017

Test mode for SSO configuration

Setting up single sign-on has never been easier. Test your configuration safely, and make adjustments before putting changes into effect. Learn more.


In-line WebM videos

Give it a try! Share any .webm file in Slack and it watch it magically play inline. 🎬


DLP and e-discovery support

Slack Enterprise Grid customers in regulated industries can benefit from our DLP and eDiscovery support to become HIPAA and FINRA compliant. Learn more.


Bonjour, French Help Centre

Slack’s Help Centre is now available in French, with additional languages to follow. Switch to the French Help Centre.

January 2017

Domain whitelisting

Slack Enterprise Grid customers can claim or whitelist their company's additional domains to help reduce the number of unsanctioned teams outside the organisation. Learn more.


Message threads! We launched ‘em.

Keep conversations in your team’s channels clean and tidy with threaded messages. Visit our Help Centre to learn more.


UI zoom and channel details pane refresh

We’ve improved the way that Slack looks when zoomed in at higher levels. Along with updates to the channel details pane design, these design improvements will make it easier to read messages in Slack. 🐻


Slack app available in the Windows Store

Download the Slack app right from the Windows Store. Featuring live tile notifications and better integration with Microsoft’s IT management tools for enterprises.

App release notes: Dive into the details! 🚀
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